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Full-Text Search in SQL Server: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Full-Text Search in SQL Server is a feature that provides linguistic search capabilities against text data in SQL Server tables. It allows for searching of character-based data types for exact word matches, phrases, and even near-term proximity. Usage Full-text search is used when you need to query large amounts of text data. It’s perfect … Continue reading

DBA and Developer: Allies or Adversaries?

In the expansive landscape of software development, the relationship between Database Administrators (DBAs) and Developers has been a subject of intrigue, debate, and occasional drama. Do they collaborate harmoniously toward shared goals, or do they engage in an eternal struggle for supremacy? Let’s delve into this dynamic and explore the roles of these critical players. … Continue reading

Query Store – Useful Tool for DBAs

SQL Server is a robust and flexible database management system that offers a variety of features and capabilities to help organizations effectively manage their data. One of the key features of SQL Server is its ability to provide insights into query performance, enabling database administrators and developers to identify and resolve performance issues. The Query … Continue reading

Storage options & Disk Types in GCP

Want to learn and use Google Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage & Bucket?

Type of Disk avilable in Cloud Storage?

Lets Start! Continue reading

Complete Guide for Virtual Machine in Google Cloud Platform with Demo

Complete Guide for Virtual Machine in Google Cloud.

1) Understanding of Compute Instances in GCP
2) Preemptible & Shielded VM Instances
3) Live Migration of VM instances in GCP
4) Compute Engine Dashboard in GCP
5) Storage options & Disk Types in GCP
6) How to create VM using GCP Console?
7) How to create VM in GCP using gcloud?
8) How to change VM machine type in GCP and add or modify disk?
9) GCP Snapshot Management – Create & Restore Continue reading

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