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SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 Is Now Available !

Service packs are very critical and important. It is very important from product upgrade & bug fixing point of view. Regular upgrades to your system with latest releases help you in :- · Continued Support · Resolves Problems · New Features Microsoft has recently released SQL Server 2008 R2 service packs. Please note SQL Server … Continue reading

Blocking & Deadlock

Blocking & Deadlock SQL Server blocking SQL Server blocking occurs when one connection (user process or application process) places a lock on a table (or a number of rows) and a second connection attempts to read or modify the data under the lock. Depending on the type of the lock, this can cause the second … Continue reading

Text information from RPC trace events not displayed in Profiler

In SQL Server 2005 and later, the information in the TextData column captured for the RPC:Starting and RPC:Completed events is also available in the BinaryData column. For performance reasons, it is more efficient to include the BinaryData column and omit the TextData column, when adding these events to the trace. If the BinaryData column is … Continue reading

SQL SERVER – SELECT vs. SET Performance Comparison

While testing the performance of the following two scripts in query analyzer, interesting results are discovered. SET @var1 = 1; SET @var2 = 2; SET @var3 = 3; SELECT @var1 = 1, @var2 = 2, @var3 = 3; While comparing their performance in loop SELECT statement gives better performance then SET. In other words, SET … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Set a Default SQL Server Schema for My Windows Group Login?

Application doesn’t use the dbo schema and I need to set the users coming into the database to use the correct schema automatically. We’re using Windows groups and whenever I go to set a default schema, SQL Server gives me an error. How can I set the default schema for my users? The short answer … Continue reading

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