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Understand SQL Server Editions and Components

SQL Server editions:- · Enterprise – Enterprise edition is the topmost edition with all available features. This is best suited for mission-critical Tier 1 applications. Enterprise edition is the capabilities of tremendous hardware scaleup. · Standard – Standard edition is mostly used in economic edition with limitations of hardware support and advance features. In case … Continue reading

Explain RDBMS and History of SQL Server?

RDBMS means Relations Database Management System. RDBMS is one of the DBMS types where data is stored in 2 dimension structures called “Table”. RDBMS stores data in table format with rows and columns relations. Types of DBMS:- Hierarchical DBMS Network DBMS Relational DBMS Object-Oriented DBMS We have multiple RDBMS available products in the market Oracle … Continue reading

Launch of YouTube Video Channel

Dear Friends We are launching the YouTube Channel “Decode ITES”. Decode ITES will be sharing technical videos over multiple IT infra skills like SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, Windows, Public Cloud, VM Ware, Backup, Network, Storage, etc.. Decode ITES is a continual part of successful Web blog “https://mssqlfun.com/” from the last 5+ years with thousands of … Continue reading

SQL Server Learning Series

Dear Friends Apologies for less knowledge sharing articles for a long time and Big thanks for stay connected with me. I will be coming up with the “SQL Server Learning Series” to cover a list of topics from beginner to Expert level based on my core 13+ years of experience. Stay Connected and keep sharing … Continue reading

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