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Explain RDBMS and History of SQL Server?

RDBMS means Relations Database Management System. RDBMS is one of the DBMS types where data is stored in 2 dimension structures called “Table”. RDBMS stores data in table format with rows and columns relations.

Types of DBMS:-

  1. Hierarchical DBMS
  2. Network DBMS
  3. Relational DBMS
  4. Object-Oriented DBMS

We have multiple RDBMS available products in the market

  1. Oracle
  2. SQL Server
  3. PostgresSQL
  4. MySQL
  5. Sybase
  6. Etc.

Microsoft SQL Server is RDBMS developed by Microsoft, It’s a 30 years old product and drives through an endless list of changes and features. Microsoft releases SQL Server V1.0 in the 1989 16-bit server for OS/2 and keeps upgrading SQL Server with upcoming technologies and market requirements.

Major Milestones in SQL Server Deployment:-

  1. 1989 – SQL Server 1.0 – Result of Microsoft and Sybase to develop RDBMS product on OS/2
  2. 1993 – SQL Server 4.2 – First release of SQL Server over Windows NT
  3. 1995 – SQL Server 6.0 – End of Microsoft and Sybase Collaboration, both are free to develop their product
  4. 1998 – SQL Server 7.0 – First release after code conversion from C to C++
  5. 2005 – SQL Server 2005 – First release with 100% Microsoft code and Bye Bye to Sybase Code
  6. 2014 – SQL Server Azure – Launch SQL Server Cloud Database
  7. 2017 – SQL Server 2017 – Addition of Linux Platform support


I am fortunate enough to be working from SQL Server 7.0 and witness of all changes and efforts of Microsoft in this area.

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