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Understand SQL Server Editions and Components

SQL Server editions:-

· Enterprise – Enterprise edition is the topmost edition with all available features. This is best suited for mission-critical Tier 1 applications. Enterprise edition is the capabilities of tremendous hardware scaleup.

· Standard – Standard edition is mostly used in economic edition with limitations of hardware support and advance features. In case your application database is not using any advanced features, you are good to use this edition.

· Developer – Developer edition is similar to enterprise edition will all features. The developer edition is FREE and introduced by Microsoft for development, testing, and demo. You can upgrade it to Enterprise edition anytime without reinstallation.

· Express – Express edition is free of cost setup with very limited hardware and features support. Express edition is best suited for web and mobile applications. You can sustain up to 10GB of database only.

· Enterprise Evaluation – Enterprise evaluation is similar to the Enterprise edition. This is free of cost edition and a great way to test and develop your application against enterprise edition features. You can upgrade it to enterprise edition anytime using an edition upgrade option with a valid key. This edition comes up with an expiry of 6 months and you should ensure to upgrade it before expiry to keep your system running.

SQL Server Components:-

SQL Server components can be divided into client \ workstation and server types.

· Client components are installed in a client machine or machine from which you want to connect and access SQL Server. Client Components are:-

  • SSMS: SQL Server Management Studio gives you a GUI interface to connect available SQL instances.
  • Profiler: SQL Profiler is a client tool to monitor transactions running on the server. This is one useful tool for auditing and performance checks.
  • DTA: Database Tuning Advisor is a DBA tool that helps you to analyze query performance and it can suggest possible indexes and other changes.
  • BIDS: BIDS is a Bussiness Intelligence Development Studio, a powerful BI tool. You can develop SSRS reports, SSAS Cubes, and SSIS ETL packages using BIDS.
  • Etc.

· Server components are installed on the primary server. Server Components are:-

  • SQL Server: SQL Server is the primary server to run SQL instance and using SQLServer.exe in the background.
  • SQL Server Agent: SQL Server agent is the dependent server of SQL Server. It’s used for scheduling activities and uses sqlagent.exe in the background.
  • SQL Server Browser: SQL Server browser is important to service from security and accessibility points. When enabled, It helps incoming connections to map SQL Server running port. It used sqlbrowser.exe in the background.
  • SQL Server Full-Text Search: Full Text is one of cool search feature which gives possibilities to search for the test from mentioned columns. It uses fdlauncher.exe in the background.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS): SSAS is an OLAP feature which helps in data mining and analytics. It uses msmdsrv.exe.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): SSRS issued to develop reports and report subscriptions. It uses ReportingServicesService.exe executable.
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): SSIS is ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool. You can develop in-house ETL using BIDS and execute them using SSIS.

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