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Download SQL Server Developer / Evaluation / Express Editions

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Today, I will take you to the steps of downloading Download SQL Server Developer / Evaluation / Express Editions. As discussed in my previous blog Understand SQL Server Editions and Components, SQL Server Developer / Evaluation / Express are free to use editions with fewer limitations and restrictions.


Step 1- Open Link (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/sql-server/sql-server-downloads).

Step 2- You Browse to SQL Server 2019 Setup pages, it will give you the option of downloading Enterprise Evaluation, Developer, and Express edition.

You click on the desired option to download the setup file. We will download the Enterprise Evaluation Edition.

Step 3- Sign up to download SQL Server 2019 evaluation

Step 4- Download link is ready, please click

Step 5-

  • Click the file downloaded from the last step, “SQL2019-SSEI-Eval.exe”. Click to install it.
  • Chose the “Download Media” option to have offline setup.

Step 6-

  • Select Language
  • Choose CAB file to download
  • Select the location of the download file
  • Click Download

Step 7- These are the downloaded files and these are not ready to install setup. We need to unbox the setup file by giving exe.

Step 8- When you execute it, it will ask for the location to save setup files

Step 9- Setup files are ready to install.

We will use this setup to install SQL Server 2019 instance upcoming lesson.

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