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Refresh Intellisense in SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) 2008 & above

Intellisense is a new feature that comes with SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) 2008 onwards. Intellisense makes coding quite easy.

But Sometimes I find that intellisense becomes stale and you start getting the wavy red lines when writing code. Even though object exists in database but Intellisense is not able to recognize it.

Refreshing the cache is quite easy but not necessarily strictly required.

Go to Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache OR you can use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R

You can check in below image that database has 5 table but intellisense showing only 4 tables. Table “JKL” is missing from intellisense list. You can refresh the Intellisense to get all tables.

More details on Intellisense can be found over MSDN : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh245114.aspx

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Reference : Rohit Garg (http://mssqlfun.com/)


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    awesome, did not know you could do that

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    I see a lot of interesting articles on your website.
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