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SQL Server 2014 Cluster Installation Steps

Steps for SQL Server 2014 Cluster Installation :-

1) Lunch SQL Server Installation Center

2) Enter Product Key

3) Accept License

4) Check Global Rules, Need to rectify if any failure occur

5) Check Software upgrade to install (Enable windows updates to search & install SQL updates as well)

6) Check Product upgrade to install (the latest available SQL Server product updates are displayed, when online)

7) Install Setup Files

8) Run Cluster Rules, You need to fix if any failure occur

9) Select Type of Installation

10) Select Features to install

11) Run Rule for selected feature in above step, You need to fix, if any failure occur

12) Enter Instance Configuration

13) Enter Cluster Group name

14) Select Desired & available disk

15) Enter SQL VIP

16) Enter Service account & password

17) Select authentication mode & admin user

18) Run rule as per feature configuration. You need to fix, if any failure occur

19) Recheck all configuration

20) Installation in Progress

21) Installation completed successfully

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  1. John Hunter says:

    I am a little confused by your post as you didn’t start with the advanced cluster preparation as your first step? I thought that you had to run the preparation prior completion of the above steps

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