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Add Node to Windows Server 2008 Cluster

Steps : Add Node to Windows Server 2008 Cluster

1) Open Cluster Administration wizard > Right click on Windows Cluster & select Add Node

2) Add Node Wizard appears, Click Next to start

3) Browse Node to add, We select Node 3 to add

4) Select if you want to validate cluster settings or not & click Next

Note : Validation cluster settings is recommended

5) Validation a Configuration wizard will come, Click Next to start validation

6) Select type of test & click Next

7) Click Next to start Validation

8) Validation completed successfully(Warning to re configure quorum comes, we can ignore that), Click Finish to continue add node process

9) Click Next to start add process

10) Add node in process

11) Node 3 successfully added to cluster

Note : We need to reconfigure quorum to clear this warning.

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Reference : Rohit Garg (http://mssqlfun.com/)

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