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Connect PerfMon to a Remote Server

It seems to be a simple & easy thing to connect Perfmon to a remote server. GO TO RUN > Perfmon > Right Click “Connect to Another Computer” > Enter server name & you are done But I face several connectivity issue during connecting Perfmon from remote server. ISSUE 1: DNS not able to resolve … Continue reading

How to get list of all available parameter of .EXE file ?

Today, We discuss How to get list of all available parameter of .EXE file OR How to find list of SQL Server setup parameters ? Major problem is of all available parameter details. Sometime, We need to pass parameter to .EXE file to get some different & superior functionality. We can get details of available … Continue reading

Refresh Intellisense in SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) 2008 & above

Intellisense is a new feature that comes with SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) 2008 onwards. Intellisense makes coding quite easy. But Sometimes I find that intellisense becomes stale and you start getting the wavy red lines when writing code. Even though object exists in database but Intellisense is not able to recognize it. Refreshing the cache … Continue reading

Move or Relocate the files of Resoruce Database in SQL Server 2005

The Resource database is a read-only database that contains all the system objects that are included with SQL Server. SQL Server system objects, such as sys.objects, are physically persisted in the Resource database, but they logically appear in the sys schema of every database. The Resource database does not contain user data or user metadata. … Continue reading

Microsoft SQL Server License Helpline

Microsoft SQL Server license has lots of flavors in terms of user based \ CAL or processor based license, license based on versions or license based on environment (physical or virtual). Although, Microsoft release license guidelines for each & every SQL server version. But there are more complex scenarios for licensing then we think. Best … Continue reading

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