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New built-in Conversion functions in SQL Server 2012……..Part 2 of 5

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces 14 new built-in functions. 3 Out 14 explained below. Conversion functions · PARSE (Transact-SQL) : PARSE ( string_value AS data_type [ USING culture ] ) string_value : nvarchar(4000) value representing the formatted value to parse into the specified data type. string_value must be a valid representation of the requested data … Continue reading

New built-in functions in SQL Server 2012……..Part 1 of 5

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces 14 new built-in functions. These functions are divided into 4 categories. In this article I will be covering usage & functionality of these new 14 functions. I strongly feel, these functions are very useful for developer point of view. These new functions are: 1) Conversion functions · PARSE (Transact-SQL) · … Continue reading

How to Restart an Interrupted SQL Server Database Restore ?

I am trying to restore database on SQL cluster & failover happen. Once the SQL Server came up on the other node all the databases came up, except for the database which was in restoration prior to the failover. Now, We have 2 options one is to restore database again or second to start restore … Continue reading

How To Create Server Role In SQL Server 2012?

In previous versions of SQL Server, the user-defined role-based security are there in order to achieve access rights as per requirement. The user-defined role customized roles at the database level, not at the server level. This is because at the server level, administrators had to use fixed roles. Server roles were fixed and could not … Continue reading

SQL Server 2012 – Database Recovery Advisor

With the introduction of the Database Recovery Advisor, restoring databases to a point in time will be made much easier. SQL Server provides a variety of backup types & creating the right recovery sequence for any point in time can get tricky. To help make this process much more streamlined, SQL Server 2012 introduces a … Continue reading

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