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SQL Server 2012 – Database Recovery Advisor

With the introduction of the Database Recovery Advisor, restoring databases to a point in time will be made much easier. SQL Server provides a variety of backup types & creating the right recovery sequence for any point in time can get tricky. To help make this process much more streamlined, SQL Server 2012 introduces a new Recovery Advisor to help DBA to create a more predictable and optimal restore sequence.

It has Capabilities include a visual timeline that presents the backup history of the database and the available points in time to which the user can restore the database. Although DBA can do all these task by scripts but using a GUI for restore & selecting recovery sequence is quite useful & handy.

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  1. Adam Gorge says:

    This is one of the best feature of SQL Server 2012. This new feature of SQL Server 2012 simplify the database restoring process to a point in time, or performing incremental restore operations to determine the timeframe when a problem first occurred. In case this feature is unable to repair corrupt SQL Server database then you can use third party SQL Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software is one of the best tool!!

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