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What is Hyper-V? and how to enable it?

Hyper-V is a Microsoft feature to create a virtualized environment. Hyper-V is available in your windows OS and you need to enable it from “Turn On or Off Windows Feature”. You can enable Hyper-V and create your own virtual environment. This helps in running multiple operating systems on a single physical computer.

Note: Hyper-V option will not be available in Windows 10 Home edition. In this case, you can plan to use other virtualized software like VMWare or VirtualBox.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

Step 2: Go to Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off

Step 3: Select Hyper-V Option

Step 4: It will ask for a reboot. Reboot your system to get this enabled.

Step 5: After reboot, you can search Hyper-V from the taskbar search.

Reference: Rohit Garg (http://mssqlfun.com/)

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