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SQL Server 2016 – SQL Server Telemetry \ CEIP Services

CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) is somethings runs from ages and almost each vendor perform it to collect product usage data, issues faced and other information. Vendor uses this information for market expansion, bug fixing and new features. But all this happen with user confirmation during or after installation. Microsoft is also doing it for … Continue reading

A Very Happy Holi – Festival of colors, Colors of life

How to create System-versioned temporal tables? – New database feature of SQL Server 2016

Creating a System-Versioned Temporal Table – There are three ways to create a system-versioned temporal table with regards to how the history table is specified: 1) Creating a temporal table with an anonymous history table Creating a temporal table with an anonymous name. This is easiest way to create it when you do not concern … Continue reading

Kronothon2.0 – Accept the challenge

Kronothon2.0 – The only difference between Success and Failure is one’s attitude. Register here to win cash prizes up to 5 Lakhs – http://kronos.hackerearth.com/kronothon-2/ #Work4Kronos #MyWorkInspired #Kronothon2.0 #Coding #Ideas #Win #Engineer #MBA #Register #Hackerearth #codathon #casestudy #Ideathon #hackerearth #Challenge #Ilovecoding #excitement#Innovation

Introduction to System-versioned temporal tables – New database feature of SQL Server 2016

System-versioned temporal tables is new database feature of SQL Server 2016. Another improved version of table level auditing with some new features after trigger, CT & CDC. System-versioned temporal tables stores data of table data modification history. Temporal is a database feature that was introduced in ANSI SQL 2011. Most common usage for temporal tables … Continue reading

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