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SQL Server 2016 – How to use Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)?

Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) is new feature of SQL Server 2016. DDM helps in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data. DDM enables only privilege users to have complete data. Un-privilege users will have access of MASKED data only. As an example, a call center support person may identify callers by several digits of their social … Continue reading

Performance Dashboard Reports in SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio comes up with multiple standard reports that show basic performance information. These reports are available without any additional installation and with no extra configuration. But if you think this is not enough, Microsoft lunch Performance Dashboard Reports with SQL Server 2012. Let’s deploy and configure Performance Dashboard Reports a. You can … Continue reading

System.ConsoleColor error while running powershell in SQL agent job step

Issue: While running powershell in SQL agent job step, I am getting below error: – A job step received an error at line 3 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is ‘$space.ForegroundColor = $host.ui.rawui.ForegroundColor’. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is: ‘Exception setting "ForegroundColor": "Cannot convert null … Continue reading

SSISDB for SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft introduced some major changes in SQL Server Integration Services with SQL Server 2012. Brand new “SSISDB” database launched as SSIS catalog “A New repository database of Integration Services”. This new repository database brings a lot of abilities for developers, testers and administrators. Prior to SQL 2012 all SSIS packages are stored either in MSDB … Continue reading

DB Mail error “File attachment or query results size exceeds allowable value of 1000000 bytes”

Issue : One email report is working fine from long time but suddenly it failed today with below error. Error : Msg 22051, Level 16, State 1, Line 0 File attachment or query results size exceeds allowable value of 1000000 bytes. Solution : Email report is failing at send mail because file attachment size is … Continue reading

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