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The server principal “xxxx” is not able to access the database “msdb” under the current security context.

Problem : Yesterday Night, One of my team member called & report that some users are getting below error no. 1 while connection to SQL server & error no. 2 while trying to open Management folder. Error 1 : Cannot display policy health state at the server level, because the user doesn’t have permission. Permission … Continue reading

Under which user your SQL Agent Job run : SQL Agent Service Account or SQL Agent Job Owner ?

Today, I am willing to do demo that under which user my SQL Agent Job run, SQL Agent Service Account or SQL Agent Job Owner ? Normally, We think its SQL Agent Service account user under which SQL jobs runs. But it’s not true in all cases, It depend on your Job owner permissions. If … Continue reading

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘sp_start_job’, database ‘msdb’, schema ‘dbo’.

Issue : Today I have read one issue over one forum, One user is having below 3 DB roles on MSDB but whenever user try to run SQL Agent job, it get below error message. We have Checked that SQL Agent job related DB role is properly given to user. Also, Job is working fine … Continue reading

How to move file through FTP by CMD ?

CMD code to upload file direct into root of FTP site of server @ echo off REM ******** this batch file is to upload file echo user username> ftpcmd.dat echo password>> ftpcmd.dat echo bin>> ftpcmd.dat echo lcd D:\Filelocation>>ftpcmd.dat echo put filename.csv>> ftpcmd.dat echo quit>> ftpcmd.dat ftp -n -s:ftpcmd.dat 172.xx.xx.xxx del ftpcmd.dat CMD code to upload … Continue reading

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